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The concept

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Foto: Gunnar Holmberg
Svend Asmussen
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The StringAmp™ idea
Make the first link of the sound chain the strongest.
With a good instrument and a really good pickup, the rest is easy - just play.

The StringAmp™ story
The StringAmp™ was painstakingly developed from scratch over a period of 25 years by Michael Edinger, a danish electronics engineer who is also a violin player. It is a work driven by love and dedication to real acoustic violin sound, the need of amplified sound in modern music, and the fact that he tired of "piezoo" pickups making his master violin sound like a kazoo, no matter which he tried-and tried.

The StringAmp™ mission
The StringAmp violin is my lifetime quest to make the acoustic/electric "equivalent" of an old italian master instrument. Since this is my lifetime quest, no goals can be too high, and I have all the time I am given for it. It is an intense passion for me to make a decent acoustic/electric violin sound, and make it a "complete", unlimited instrument for all styles of music.
My goal is to make a statement about the violin sound for the future, and make this sound available to those who want the best possible. We lose so much of the qualities of violin music when we relinquish the beautiful body resonances, the life and soul of the acoustic violin, and apart from a small number of great musicians, who stubbornly refuse to play the cheap "stick on, plug in" pickups, we will gradually get used to a violin sounding like a kazoo, and be so much poorer for it.
In an earlier time, nothing but a priceless old italian master instrument would do for the best league of players. Modern instruments can and will be all that they were, and mine are intended to be the modern master performer´s instrument, not limiting, but greatly enhancing the music.
My instruments may become priceless classics in their own right, as by necessity they are only made in very limited numbers, and they are truly musically rewarding in any serious players hands.

The concept - The sound - Ordering & prices - FAQ - Techstuff