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5-string violin fitted with a StringAmp™ pickup system.
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Belt-pack preamp for the StringAmp.
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Photo by Richard J. Brooks
Paul Anastasio. Photo taken by Richard J. Brooks.
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Prices januar 2010
A complete instrument, ready to play as the 4 string violin shown, start at EU 2000, a nice handmade 5-string violin start at EU 2500. Please inquire about stock.
Each StringAmp™ instrument or system kit includes a Beltpack Stage preamp as standard, or a custom made Studio Pro preamp at (+ EU 450), both have individual string controls for a perfectly balanced instrument. StringAmp install kits can be ordered for 4 and 5 string acoustic violins, Viola and Cello .
As an example, 4 string violin install kit for mounting to your own instrument cost EU 1000 retail - only available by a StringAmp™ accredited violinmaker, and not including his fee for the installation.
The StringAmp™ can also be fitted to your own instrument at MusikLab.dk in Denmark by a highly respected violin maker with years of experience of this special work.
We welcome dealership inquiries from professional violin makers from anywhere in the world. Please use the contact form.
Please suggest this to your favourite violin shop. I will be pleased to hear from them. The cost of installing in your favourite acoustic instrument is your violin maker´s fee.
NB: Kit systems can only be ordered and installed by StringAmp™ accredited trade instrument makers shops dealers, to ensure the highest quality of fitting by a skilled violin maker.

Flying dreams?
For total stage freedom, I suggest the beltpack preamp version, combined with a professional quality wireless transmitter. The most versatile Beltpack version fits in a pocket, or in a belt pouch along with the transmitter. Cables can be a thing of the past, without compromises.
A special miniature preamp can be ordered, for use only with specific wireless transmitters that will supply power for it. Either type preamp, Beltpack, Studio or Wireless can be back ordered later to add all options available for your instrument.
Remember, NO feedback!! One most popular national country/folkrock singer/fiddler star is playing wireless and dancing with the audience - up in front of, and sometimes on top of the 10kW+ PA!

Hearing IS believing - let your ears convince you.
Please don´t take anybody's word for it – watch the video links and listen to any one of the world class users.

Satisfaction OR Your money back!
If you know that a great sound will benefit your music career, you can order a 4 or 5-string complete violin system with a money back guarantee, if returned within 10 days from your receipt of the instrument, and provided you order it prepaid and pay for the return freight and insurance. It's not completely free, but if you are seriously looking for the best, it's very much cheaper than buying the wrong system again and again, and then have to dump it - or even worse, live with it.

StringAmp™ video links

A few links for StringAmp™ users, and sound samples. Note: all musicians each have their very own personal sound signature.

Svend Asmussen, a world famous Jazz violinist - hear the sweet sound he gets from it in Georgia.

Mark Russell takes his stringAmp acoustic/electric violin to the limits in these Youtube tracks Resonance, Willow and Purple Rain.

Rob Thomas NY, jazz violin great, teaches at Berklee, Boston along with several other StringAmp users in the faculty.

Tim Wetmiller in Seattle is a very busy StringAmp™ violinist, playing upwards of 200 gigs with several bands a year in the Hot club style and in Latin style: Pasaje Merideno and Moliendo Cafe.

World class StringAmp™ users are Svend Asmussen, DK (over 25 years of use), Paul Anastasio - Seattle USA, Mark Russell , FL,. USA, Rob Thomas, NY, USA (Mahavishnu project), Adam McOwen, TN USA (Hank Williams III band), Charlie McKerron of Scotttish Capercaillie band (10 years), Mark Chaet of Trio Bravo+ in Berlin, Germany.

Mark Chaet plays Kiga, Rondo Ukraine and Darf Ich bitten.

The StringAmp™ is more than acoustic/electric violins:
Hear how great a StringAmp/Jordan solidbody violin and cello sounds, in this video Andrea Alsted opens the biggest show on national TV with a violin Solo.

Svend Asmussen with Benny Goodman in tivoli 1981
still playing at 92, his sound is legendary - powered by StringAmp™ since 30+ years back.
For Svend Asmussen fans this ”sometime in the 60s” - musical excellence that never fails to put a smile on your face:
Swedanes: Svend with Alice Babs and Ulrik Neuman.


The concept - The sound - Ordering & prices - FAQ - Techstuff