The Ultimate Audio Series presents the Ultimate Audio series of High end loudspeakers and pre/power amplifiers.

The  Ultimate Audio concept rests on a philosophy of simplicity and precision, enclosed in timeless scandinavian style enclosures, and build on a decade of experience of successful high end Audio designs, highly praised by the dedicated high end audio magazines all over the world.

The series targets true music lovers and professional listeners like music critics, record producers, sound engineers and musicians who spend a considerable part of their workday listening concentrated and critically to music. Those professionals are subject to listening fatigue, that can make their working day very strained. Even small aberrations of micro transient reproduction (“transparency”), low level frequency linearity, or intermodulation distortion, sets the critical listeners hearing sense working overtime subconsciously compensating for these,  causing listening fatigue.

Ultimate Audio designs will reproduce the music at all listening levels, without adding, changing or missing essential information and is dedicated to eliminating listening fatigue. How we do this is described on the next pages.