The sound

No artistic limits
The StringAmp™ “timbre” or “tonal colors” are unlimited, presenting all nuances of bowing and tonal expression. All sound is generated solely via the strings movement, and by design, it has no colouration or “sound” of its own, and does not get in the way of your music. Every individual performer and every instrument sounds different, the way they are.

New sources of income
The internet can provide cool new ways of offering your music talent worldwide:
Musicians are earning a living by recording , composing arranging string tracks for music productions, receiving a score or sound tracks, then composing and recording new string sections in your home space, and sending back to be added to the production, anywhere around the globe.

You may already have most of the tools needed to set up a simple but high quality digital audio work station (DAW) in your home. Important note: with StringAmp™ instruments, you can easily provide a perfectly clean and noisefree recording, simply direct plugging into your DAW line in, needing no extra soundproof recording studio space, pro equipment, or expensive microphones – hear the sound samples below.

Get heard, cut through 
Ever had to strain to cut through the band´s volume, compromising your tone to get heard? No more, with StringAmp™ you can dial in the volume needed in any situation, and concentrate on refining your sound. You will be heard.
The StringAmp™ dynamics ranges from the softest whisper to a full arena concert solo blast. NB! without fear of feedback, and completely controlled by you, at your fingertips is a whole new music environment expanding seamlessly out from your acoustic sound. The low noise, low distortion, wide band performance easily matches the best professional sound technology.

Your electric sound can make you proud
Until the StringAmp, the pickups are an embarrassment to many players, and a serious limitation for enjoying a musical performance. Enjoy playing and listening to yourself again.

Hearing is believing  
Hear the StringAmp™ violin in a live concert with Mark Chaet (vio.) and TrioBravo+ in Dortmund 2005:
• “Krunk” (2.98 MB mp3-audio, copyright TrioBravo+ 2005)
• “Kiga” (3.02 MB mp3-audio, copyright TrioBravo+ 2005)
• youtube Video links: Kiga, Rondo Ukraine & Darf Ich bitten.

In a great show of virtuosity, another great player, Mark Russell pushes his StringAmp™ acoustic/electric violin to the limits in these Youtube tracks Willow and Purple Rain. Another original live loop performance “Time on Your Side” by Mark Russell – shredding his axe like mad.
Mark is offering both acoustic and electric string tracking for music production over the web. Hear a truly awesome acoustic/electric  StringAmp™ Cello. Listen closely to the sound, a direct electric-only “dry” recording – no ambient sound – with a bit of digital effects added later.
• StringAmp Cello (3.1 MB mp3-audio)

The StringAmp™ sound quality best compares to an expensive studio microphone, yet in any real live situation StringAmp™ also allows your freedom of movement, it tolerates rough treatment, and fully ignores fellow performers sounds.
You can explore the wonderful, new and wild sounds available using all kinds of analog and digital signal processing – and this violin, cello, or double bass system is extremely insensitive to feedback, even played at earsplitting levels. Don´t ever do this without ear protection.
At any sound level it will faithfully deliver your sweet clear musical sound, and your sound check is a matter of minutes – so your PA sound engineers will love it, too!

How to play it, then?
The StringAmp™ electric sound feels like a natural seamless extension of the acoustic sound, and the acoustic voice of your instrument transcends far into the amplified sound. You can set the balance between individual strings to suit your particular instrument and style, and you can play your instrument, without even thinking about playing electric, play just like you do acoustic, listen, and it will sound just right, only bigger! But in a while, you will probably be exploring realms of breathtaking sound that you never imagined possible. It´s a sound so solid you can lean on it, the low strings are rock solid, firm and persuasive, and the highs are clearer and sweeter than anything ever heard – before StringAmp™.

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