The Essential Audio loudspeaker EA2W is a 2way bass reflex using exclusive handbuilt loudspeaker elements from Scanspeak. The Scanspeak elements are considered among the very best and are found in highly regarded loudspeaker producers´ top models.

The Scanspeak Revelator 5½” woofer/mid element is carefully balanced for outstanding clarity of the midrange and a powerful low end Bass extension that handles an engaging and dynamic listening experience.

A Scanspeak´s SD (Symmetric Drive) 28mm silk dome treble matches perfectly, providing a sweet and clear high frequency extension.

Following a long term and gentle break in procedure they sound open and unstrained from the very lowest levels, mastering difficult vocal and instrumental tracks and dynamic peaks. On the aluminum back panel, four sturdy gold- plated loudspeaker terminals provide acccess for Biwiring and Bi amping. They connect to the separate high and low pass heavy gauge crossover circuits, that integrate the elements seamlessly over the full audio range. Sensitivity is 87dB, impedance 4 Ohms minimum, recommended amplifier power is between 20-200W.

Low loss crossover components, heavy gauge copper inductors and poly prop capacitors.

The EA2 front frame provides protection to the expensive speaker elements and is designed to make the speaker appear very discretely while offering maximum sound transparency, by design avoiding frame reflections and diffractions.

4 separate gold plated binding posts for bass and treble crossovers enable biwiring og biamping.

Despite an enclosure sized as a couple of Office document binders, the bass reproduction is truly impressive, more than ample for all music genres in a mid sized listening room.
The twin bassreflex ports are facing to the front, enable a powerful bass impulse, and enable a flexible placement on a stand,  or on a shelf in personal listening environments, and allow for a gradual adjustment of the bass response to small to midsize room acoustics. In a personal sound studio it works as a near-to midfield monitor placed on the  mixing desk, and allows day-long comfortable and safe listening, never missing a beat.

EA2 front frame design minimise sound reflections.

It´s a fact: All loudspeaker elements benefit from a “burn-in” to loosen up detail.  EA2W loudspeakers are delivered ready to perform, at their best after in-works burn-in of individual elements using a proprietory procedure of up to 72 hours, after which the elements are measured, matched in complementary pairs, ready for serious professional qualitative listening. EA2 will need little or no burn-in time.