The StringAmp™ way

The StringAmp™ way
The StringAmp™ – the basic principle is electrodynamic, as used in some high performance studio microphones.
The StringAmp™ works by the spatial movement of the string in an individually calibrated active magnetic field. The preamplifier is custom designed, in both generating and sensing this field. Each string is separately adjustable for even volume, and the electrical signal closely follows the specific acoustic characteristics of each string.
Those who play it have usually tried *everything* else through many years of endless searching for the right sound, to great expense and exasperation.
To them StringAmp™ is Heaven. Of course, the StringAmp™ doesn´t stop them from experimenting. Only, after playing around, they are back with StringAmp™.
A violinmaker in Norway, truly really hated electric violins. Period! Until grudgingly he tried a StringAmp™ violin. He is now a StringAmp™ representative.

Pro’s: The StringAmp™ is the only pickup system that will produce a true high quality sound, and long lasting value, worthy of the best instruments and players. There is minimal added weight to the instruments body. It will only capture YOUR sound, not the next guy, however loud – and is extremely resistant to feedback.
You can use your nicest (or 2nd nicest ) acoustic violin. Carrying only one instrument and have both options in one instrument, having the good acoustic sound enhancing the amplified sound without compromises. It is a mature product refined through more than 40years. It is made to last the life of the instrument. It is a one time investment in the best possible amplified sound.
Future Improvements in technology are compatible with previously installed instruments as far as possible.
We have customers with StringAmp systems installed over 40 years ago coming in for a checkup, going out with a new preamp, taking advantage of the latest advances in preamp technology. The standard 9V alkaline battery will last about 100-200 hours of use.
The instrument maintenance required is mainly cleaning and an occasional change of strings.

Con’s: StringAmp™ is not a discount solution. The sound is not a discount sound either. Real quality is rarely cheap. Proper installation is a must. It works great with most brands, but won´t work with ALL strings.