Service services include complete design and implementation of audio related electronics to the highest audio standards, and have a portfolio to show for it.
We have years of experience with SiriuS and a full gamut of other fine High End brand amplifiers and preamplifiers.
We should, since we designed , upgraded and serviced the entire analog product lines of the Sirius brand and its succeeding brand in the decade before aug. 2003. After aug 2003 the succeeding brand was taken over by another ownership, for whom Musiklab went on to design the notorious D3 preamp and DI150 integrated power amp electronics, that are now earning their laurels in international High End review circles.

Disclaimer is currently in no way associated with the GamuT international A/S company, or any of its proprietory trade names or Brands.
Building on decades of pro audio experience, our current and future musiklab product lines are based on the same philosophy and experience as always, and are constantly implementing further improvements into our product lines.
The Musiklab electronic designs have won international recognition and praise for highest musical excellence, in a long row of authoritative High End audio magazines, whose glowing reviews of these products appoint them as “best performance at any price”, in comparison with products costing 3-5 times more, from established “Super league Hi Fi” brands.
We have a modern electronics laboratory with comprehensive analog and digital measurement equipment, as well as prototype shop facilities for metal, plastic and wood working.

This ½” 8 track Otari is currently used by a small project studio next to the computer system.

Other services available
Since 1987 MusikLab has worked extensively for large professional sound recording facilities in Scandinavia.
Among our specialty vintage services are alignment, maintenance and repair of analog tape transports like Studer, Otari, Lyrec, Soundcraft, Tascam and Fostex, backed by a large collection of reference calibration tapes.
A further specialty service we offer is a refurbishing (relap) of the expensive analog tape heads to original specifications.
MusikLab has an extensive stock of hard to get parts for Otari, Tascam and Fostex recorders, to mention a few, to enable the fastest possible repair for minimal disruption of studio sessions. Parts that are no longer available may be made from scratch with the help of specialist precision manufacturing companies.

MusikLab has years of experience with large sound mixing consoles like NEVE, SSL, Trident, Amek, Soundcraft, TAC.
MusikLab repair and refurbish vintage analog outboard equipment, like NTP, Neve, Neumann, Drawmer, Urei compressors, equalizers, and specialist microphone preamps.
Every repair can be backed with specification sheets made with B&K level recorder or Audio Precision computer print out.
To support the quality of our analog service, MusikLab has an extensive library of original factory service manuals for exotic vintage sound equipment of the last 60 years, taking up more than some 25 meters or ca. 80 feet of shelves.