The concept

The StringAmp™ idea
Make the first link of the sound chain the strongest. Tone is first, no limits.

The StringAmp™ story
The StringAmp™ is developed from scratch through 40+ years by Michael Edinger, a danish electronics engineer and once a violin player.

The StringAmp™ mission
Rethinks the basics of acoustic/electric violin, cello and double bass, provides clean amplified sound without  compromises, and achieve “complete”, tonally unlimited modern instruments for all venues and styles of music. A work of love for the many styles of violin, cello and bass playing, to retain this ideal of sound for amplified strings, and to create a pickup technique able to capture all of this. No Noise, feedback, degrading, or distortion of tone must be accepted.

StringAmp™ delivers: a professionally satisfying  acoustic/electric violin/cello/double bass sound, seamlessly spans all domains of strings,  playing  with endless tonal colours, and keep unlimited future sound options available to all. Every player´s expression is unique and clearly audible. In less advanced amplification pickup devices, traditional tone qualities of violin/cello/double bass are often severely compromised. StringAmp™ retains them all, adding all current and future options.

Modern musicians must face change, constant new challenges, and the StringAmp™ instruments aim to be the modern performers first all-in-one instrument, not limiting, but greatly enhancing the music performance with tonal beauty at all sound levels, great projection, effortless power and authority, and an unlimited versatility of music styles, to perform in any venue: one instrument.
StringAmp instruments are made in limited numbers.
Try one if you are serious about sound quality.

The sound >